Vera Ivanova Markova

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Vera Markova

name Vera Ivanova Markova

age 27

kind of entrepreneurship Greenrevolucia An on line for environmentally friendly shop that distributes alternatives to disposable plastic products and educates consumers about the importance of protecting the environment.

field of activity Trade and Education


Short description of the business or initiative

Education and positive example.
Spread information about the harm which plastic disposable items are causing to us and to our planet.
Show alternatives which add more value to both us and our Earth.


What problem are you trying to solve and why?

The use of packing and plastic products -She believes that consumers have a choice to a cleaner and more conscious way of life.

What is your target group? Level of impact (concentrated to the specific group, local, regional, wider…)

By Revolucia, they are educating users of all age groups because they see the society as one.

Is social enterprise the best way they can help?

Yes-Vera can`t work without a cause, this seems to her a waste of time. In Social Entrepreneurship, she likes the fact that a good example can also inspire other people to change the world for the better.

Why this industry/area/topic, and why now?

Vera spent almost 2 years volunteering at a vegan, nature-friendly campus in the city of Auroville, India. There, she lived in cottages, the electricity was from solar panels, she had to pump the water needed for bathing and washing. It was prohibited to import in the campus products in plastic packaging, as well as products containing harmful ingredients. There Vera learned a lot about how we can reduce our harmful impact on the environment. She was inspired and decided to transfer the good examples in Bulgaria.


What drives your motivation?

The joy in the eyes of the people and seeing how together we manage to save the planet from tons of unnecessary plastic with practical solutions.

What does it take to be successful?

1. Love, 2. Discipline, 3. Dedication


  • Specificskills-Takingrisks, innovation, creativity
  • Soft skills-Time management, Ability to resolve conflicts, Adaptability, Skills for making quick decisions
  • Relevant experience-Knowledge of foreign languages, sales and marketing experience, IT knowledge etc.