Mirto Fifa

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Mirto Fifa

nameMirto Fifa

age 40

kind of entrepreneurship Social cooperative on permaculture environmental democratic education

field of activity Education, environmental studies, agro ecology


Give a good example of your entrepreneurship

“RE: THINK PROJECT , a study on waste self-maintained, as a tool for a sustainable society, where we have established the Community Compost Network for free and common use by citizens, where the waste producer becomes a compost producer. The network can absorve annually around 400 tones of organic waste and it is maintained by its own users.
We produce environmental programs and we perform and educate schools groups and groups of adults in permaculture methodology, in the circle of the seed /plant (natural and traditional farming) ,in natural composting, in botanology. and natural remedies and DIY crafts and arts, through a holistic approach, based in democratic education and inspired from the schools of practical education, such as Waldorf-Steiner education.
”SEEDKEEPERS”, a project with great environmental value for the region as it maintains and evolves continually collection, planting and breeding from old, Traditional varieties or varieties that tend to disappear. We maintain and grow a bank of traditional seeds in our farm , we preserve a voluntary traditional seed keeping network, ¨ Seedkeepers ”

How old were you when you started as entrepreneur?

I was 30 years old.

What support did you have when you became an entrepreneur?

None economical support. In terms of education, I has graduated from a very cross-cultural university with a degree in primary education and pedagogy. And in the same I studied and worked as contemporary dancer and visual artist so the combination of these two topics, I think it provides the perception and the view needed for such an entrepreneurship.


What problem are you trying to solve and why?

I try to raise awareness and activate citizens in the protection of local biodiversity, self-maintenance in waste production and in food production, as a tool for the creation on an eco sustainable society, where people can have control of their own energy, of their own life and build up a multidimensional ecological power. Especially young’s people are being educated, focusing in the image of their identity and not in the power of their identity, because they are educated in a holistic and democratic, cross-cultural perception.
Also the area I leave is characterized by closed and strict mentality, so through these projects we were trying to open up our city to the universe.

What is your target group? Level of impact (concentrated to the specific group, local, regional, wider…)

I cannot exclude any person from my target group. All people belong to my target group.

Is social enterprise the best way they can help?

Yes because they can have access, a role and a way to express.

Why this industry/area/topic, and why now?

Our Western society has created a human model which doesn’t approach life in a holistic view , It’s a need to produce tools for an everyday life and generally education which is infused with the principles of ecological wisdom and sustainability of social solidarity, respect for diversity, direct democracy, self -organized action and cooperation. In this way we can face racism, we can face industry corruption we can live better. Especially in Greece we faced recently the outcomes of a fake crisis, being produced by the bank corruption, so we to find tools as a society to collaborate better and have control of our life.


What drives your motivation?

Nature, childhood, play, nice people, good vibes among contemporary life.

Does your job make you compromise with something or make sacrifices?

Yes I had to do a lot of sacrifice in my “wills”. I had to find a communication language with people that haven’t ever thought that our contemporary model of life leads to fakeness.

What does it take to be successful?

The power of believe in what you do. The power of being honest.

What are the benefits, both personal and social?

I have seen a transformation in myself from achieving personal goals to the fact that through my work we can achieve community goals. In this way I could see all these years people offering their time and skills voluntary, they could expand our story in more and more people in a broader spectrum. So this saves energy, brings the things to us , instead of chasing and trying to persuade.


The most relevant skills and competence to perform your initiative/business successfully

Honest, Creative, self-learning ability, ability of hearing and understanding, artistic mind, pedagogical skills, ability of producing cross-cultural and multidimensional projects on the wider spectrum of agro ecology, experiential environmental education, cultural anthropology.

Specific skills

Logistics, management skills, coordinator skills

Soft skills

Ability of working in visual programming and creating products (ex video editing, photo editing, visual documentation, DIY crafting, creative recycling.

Relevant experience

I didn’t have a relevant experience before. The “university of life” leads me in this stage.