Maria Angeles Miranda

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name Maria Angeles Miranda

age 52

kind of entrepreneurship ASSOCIATION OF CHILDREN’S AID

field of activity child safety


The National Association of Child Safety is the first non-profit organization where experts from different areas of the world of childhood, safety, prevention and health come together to create a space to offer families and professionals information , dissemination, actions, and advice that will serve as tools to reduce childhood injuries.

In our country, accidents are the first cause of infant mortality, our objective is to spread awareness, to collect prevention, the only effective vaccine to prevent accidents, protecting our most precious resource: children.

Since I have professional memories, I have been an entrepreneur. In my first entrepreneurial actions the aid was practically nil (we are talking about the 90’s). However, at present, entrepreneurship initiatives are more visible and have greater support.


The first problem we are trying to solve is to solve the security DEFECTS that our children face on a daily basis. Our day to day is designed for adults forgetting people of smaller stature, childhood, dependencies. Since the association we have launched initiatives to ensure that child safety in shopping centers, streets, mobility vehicles is real and not a mere utopia. Currently, unfortunately, one of the main causes of infant mortality are traffic accidents. A good child restraint system and proper installation of it, would prevent many of these deaths and injuries.


Child safety is our reason for being. The consequences and repercussions of childhood accidents are of a revealing magnitude if we look at the figures they provide us. According to data from the European Child Safety Alliance (ECSA), 70% of child accidents require some type of care or cure. The same sources indicate that for each deceased minor, 160 children need hospital admission and 2000 are attended in pediatric emergency services, this is what is called the pyramid of injuries.

The tribute to pay for child accidents is not here, in addition to expenses and moral damages should be added as the years of life potentially lost in case of death, limitations, handicaps, disfigurements, amputations, psychological affectations, moral and physical suffering, both of the minors as of the relatives and caregivers, the absenteeism school, the absenteeism of the families that take care of their recovery, etc.

Before these consequences, effective preventive actions are required to reduce the rate of childhood injuries.


It is necessary to have a critical thinking and capacity to be able to see solutions where other people only see problems.

It is also important to have the ability to communicate and be able to transmit the idea and the importance and necessity of it. No matter how good your idea is, if you can not make other people fall in love with it, you will not be able to start. Your project not only has to excite you but also your potential customers.