Emese Csíki

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Emese Csíki

name Emese Csíki

age 40

kind of entrepreneurship Medicinal plant growing

field of activity Herb Garden


Business profile

Medicinal plant growing – ecologic production and processing of medicinal plants, packing and distribution of herbal teas and spices.

Support received

  • own knowledge and experience accumulated before starting the business
  • support from family
  • support from the community

Social problem addressed

  • underdevelopment and abandonment of local villages, lack of jobs
  • villagers moving to cities
  • healthy, local food growing and processing knowledge endangered
  • cultural heritage endangered


Sustainable social entreprise – organic agriculture and processing of local food – organic production and processing of medicinal plants, packing and distribution of herbal teas and spices:

  • offering jobs and assuring income to local villagers
  • giving example to locals on ways of using local resources, on preserving cultural heritage
  • attracting tourists to the village (the brand name of the company has the name of the village)
  • without poisoning the fertile land with chemicals, polluting the air and water
  • with zero waste

Target group (groups of persons employed by the business or involved in its activities):

  • local villagers/families
  • students
  • local and EU volunteers

Level of distribution/commercialisation of herbs and spices):

  • local, regional and national level (retailers shops)
  • EU, UK
  • outside EU: USA, Canada (retailer’s shops)



  • offering solutions to local problems
  • become a good example to follow other social entrepreneurs


  • find the balance between family and business life
  • manage the business in such a way to have some profit as well, which partly can be reinvested for further development of the company

Success factors & Skills and competences

  • creativity, critical thinking, decision making, communication/foreign language knowledge, open mindedness, willing to contribute to the community development, organisational knowledge
  • up to date professional knowledge (organic medicinal plant and herb growing)
  • experience in business management


  • healthy lifestyle, significantly less stress, sense of satisfaction