Leading modules

Modulo 1 – ¿Quién soy (desarrollo personal)?

Unidad 3. ¿Cómo gestionar mi desarrollo personal?
Materiales adicionales

Article about how to create your personal development plan: 21 Goals to Set For Yourself to Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever

Article with information how to prioritize your goals: How to Prioritize Tasks (When Everything is Important)

Article about how to form a new habits: Creating Healthy Habits: How to Form a New Habit in 6 Steps

Article with some advices what to do, if what you’re doing isn’t getting you the results you want: What to Do When You Don’t Reach Your Goals

Articles with more information about different possibilities for personal improvement: Learning from Mentoring, Reflective Practice

Personal Development Plan (PDP) Example Template: https://www.highspeedtraining.co.uk/hub/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/personal_development_plan_template.pdf