Leading modules


Module 6 “Becoming the Best” – Interpersonal Skills

Unit 5: Confidence
What is Self-Confidence?

Self-Confidence is an individual`s trust in his or her own abilities, capacities and judgements or belief that he or she can successfully face day to day challenges and demands. ( Ref: Psychology Dictionary online).

In order to be a successful Social Entrepreneur or Leader in business, talent and qualifications are not enough. Above all, being confident in your work is crucial for career success. Being confident in the work place enables you to be pro-active, assertive and focused. Having confidence not only allows you to have a positive impact at work, but it also helps you make choices that will benefit you in life.


Having confidence means knowing your worth and trusting that others will recognize the value of your service too. Without confidence, a leader will struggle to gain the respect of others and set an example. In contrast, by having confidence, you will communicate more effectively, present yourself suitably which then will result in getting noticed for the all the right reasons and in turn strengthen your business.

Here are some lessons which can be learnt from other confident business owners:

  1. Confident business owners / leaders are willing to put in the time and energy to educate themselves on marketing, leadership skills, effective listening skills, building their own personal brand and developing executive presence so they are seen as someone who is assertive and creative.
  2. They are fearless and have a heightened sense of self-awareness so they know their own weaknesses and are willing to make changes within themselves in order to improve themselves and their business.
  3. Confident business owners know that self confidence will help and encourage others to trust them, value their opinions and rely on their judgement.