Leading modules


Module 6 “Becoming the Best” – Interpersonal Skills

Unit 3: Decision Making
What is decision making?

Every Social Enterprise/business or leader will need to make decision on a daily basis. In life we make decisions all of the time without realising it. Decisions are made to analyse a problem and come up with a rational answer. In business decisions are made in order to improve the business and move forwards. As a leader in business or a boss of a Social Enterprise you will need to make decisions which can impact the business and those around you. Decisions can be made as a group but of course most individuals have their own idea of what the outcome should be. Successful leaders are those who can take into account the different viewpoints and look at the different scenarios in order to arrive at the right decision. While a group is dominated by various people and therefore making decisions can be more time consuming, an individual generally makes prompt decisions. We will look in more depth on effective decision making and skills that can be developed in the following units.