Leading modules

Think of a major decision you have made. Now work though the process above using the tools below. Think about if the decision you made is the same one.

Step1: What are the details of the problem? Is it a new or old problem? Who is involved in the problem? How important is it?

Step 2: Determine exactly what you want to know. Think of how you will find the information you require. Find out what you need in order to make an informed decision

Step 3: Choose a comfortable place to sit, think and relax. Minimise any distractions so you can focus on the problem. List all of the possible outcomes depending on what decision you may make

Step 4: Clarify each alternative. Make comparisons. Consider the weakness of each plan (what are the negative consequences? Are they important?). Place your alternatives in a priority order.

Step 5: Choose the best alternative. What are the risks involved? What problems could arise?

Step 6: After following the steps above make your decision.

Step 7: Look back and review your decision. Has it resolved your initial problem?