Leading modules


Module 6 “Becoming the Best” – Interpersonal Skills

Unit 2: Team work
How can you get the best out of a team?

Whether you are in a Leadership role or starting up a Social Enterprise/ Business, the team you have around you can make or break you. Above we have talked about who should make up your team and how you make it effective. Now we will look at how to get the best out of your team.


  1. Work with people who are passionate about the cause and not about the money – Why did I say passionate about the cause and not the company? It is extremely important for your team to have job satisfaction and want to work for you for the right reasons and not just because the money is good or the hours fit
  2. Make sure the team are on the same page – Even though individuals believe in accomplishing the same goals that doesn’t mean the team might go in different directions to get there. As a leader you will need to direct the team in order that all individuals are working in the same direction to achieve success.
  3. Ensure the team is providing you with constructive feedback – Mentioned previously was about being a Leader that individuals trust and respect. This is important when it comes to your team being able to expressing their opinions and concerns. If you don`t have people challenging the way things are done and you are stopping their creativity you will not have an engaged team. As a leader you need to encourage diversity, especially with people who have experience and a wide-range of skills and talents. Always remember: “Just because it is not your way it doesn`t mean it is the wrong way”!
  4. Pace your team – Of course set target and goals but in small quantities that are attainable and not overwhelming. You can add more goals and targets as your team completes them and even provide rewards.
  5. Communication – One of the most important elements to getting the best out of a team is constant communication. Whether it is via e-mail, phone, skype or face to face meetings, having open channels of communication is crucial to getting the best from your team and it turn to a company’s success.