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Module 5 “Can I solve problems?” – Creative problem solving

Problem-solving is an essential skill and important in our lives because we deal with problems almost every day in many different life situations. Some problems are easy to solve, others are more complex requiring more time and effort. There doesn’t exist one right way to solve problems, different people will solve them differently. However, for a young entrepreneur, this skill can be decisive for a good move forward of your project. Identify a problem and find innovative solutions is even very often the start of a business idea.
That is the reason why developing your problem-solving skills will not only help you to find solutions in your personal life, but also empower you in your professional career. All kind of organisations and companies require nowadays good problem-solving as an essential skill from an employee. Many job interviews contain problem solving questions, because employers want to make sure their employees can identify and solve problems independently.

You can improve your problem-solving skill just like any other skill, by learning about problem-solving strategies and by practising what you have learned. Problem-solving is a process of identifying a problem, developing possible solutions, and choosing the best fitting solution.

This module is designed to give you an overview of creative problem-solving strategies. You will discover different tools to be able to develop your critical and creative thinking, to analyse existing problems and possible solutions. You will learn how problem solving can be used to find creative solutions, how problems can be opportunities and a positive attitude towards them influence the solving process.

So, let’s go and start! 🙂