Leading modules

Classify the expressions presented according to whether they seem assertive or not. 



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“You can express your opinion but the expert here is me”
“Thank you very much for commenting on this topic because I think it is interesting to specify some of the exposed aspects …”
“Have you hated what this person said? DON’T THINK IT’S AN UNPLEASANT COMMENT?”
“Of course, each person has their own criteria, and everything can be learned.”
“I can understand your discomfort. What I am saying may cause concern, but it is important to know all perspectives to adequately address the problem”
“That comment does not seem appropriate”
“As his argument puts it, it is very appropriate. However, if we take into account …”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about”
“Excuse me, perhaps I have not explained myself well, this data is extracted …”
“If you don’t agree you already know what to do”