Leading modules


Module 4 “How do I make myself heard?” – Communication

Unit 1: Understand yourself for better communication
The speaker in the face of danger

Public speaking is the art of speaking eloquently, of persuading and moving your audience by word. It is the ability to move and convince. Developing oral expression skills especially in front of many people, improves language, sense of ideas and word coordination. Presenting before an audience is quite a challenge. But why do we say that the speaker is in danger? Except for a bad footprint or a wrong answer, few dangers exist, the truth. The danger, more than a reality, is a perception. The question is in the feeling of loneliness that the person who exposes himself to an audience can feel.

To avoid or reduce this sense of danger or nakedness, the speaker can “arm himself” with the best resources:

  • Self- confidence. If you don’t trust what you say, who will?
  • Positive personal orientation. Focus on your goal and the positives of the experience. Encourage yourself.
  • Clarity in the presentation of ideas. Through the structuring and construction of the argument you have managed to give clarity to your speech.
  • Previous preparation.
  • Empathy.
  • Self-control.
  • Practice