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Module 4 “How do I make myself heard?” – Communication

Unit 1: Understand yourself for better communication
Passion and enthusiasm, key factors

It is very likely that part of what you remember has to do with what was said, but it is even more likely that much of your memories have to do with the person who performed the intervention; their attitude, their enthusiasm , their image, the emotions generated by listening to that person…

Each speaker has their personal peculiarities. However, all successful speakers has at least two characteristics in common; enthusiasm and passion by communicating.

Energy + inspiration Perfect combination to get out of your comfort zone and achieve your expected goal. Do you know what your comfort zone is? When we make any total or partial change, we leave the comfort zone because we leave a space where we feel comfortable and enter another unknown. Learning to communicate better necessarily implies leaving inappropriate communication habits and adopting new ones. Like any learning process, there are times when it is more costly to move forward but the passion for communication helps us to continue.

Why are these factors called key?

  • When a person is passionate and enthusiastic about communication, they strive to prepare presentations and speeches. Therefore these factors greatly influence the preparation of the presentation.
  • When a person enthusiastically launches his message, They are also launching the idea that they believe what they says. This builds credibility; the public relies more on the speaker and on the message if it is transmitted with impact. Therefore, these factors generate confidence towards the speaker.
  • When a person speaks from enthusiasm and passion, they transmit enthusiasm and passion. The success of an intervention is not only based on the transmission of ideas. If possible, more important is emotional contagion; ensure that the listener is in an open emotional state, motivated and with positive expectations. Therefore, these factors generate good predisposition of the public towards the speaker and their speech.

https://www.publicspeakingsuperpowers.com/speech-enthusiasm/ In these links you will find a video and written information on how to spread enthusiasm with your speech.

Important: When you make an exhibition or speech try to be on a theme that you like. And, if you take on the challenge of exposing a topic that you dislike or do not know in depth, look for presentation perspectives that motivate and excite you.