Leading modules

Look at the attached table.


  • Write three strengths that you think you have in communication. For example, “I express myself well”, “I can listen”, “I have a large vocabulary”, “I connect with many different people”, etc. Keep in mind that strengths are skills, internal strengths.
  • Write three communication weaknesses that you consider you have. Three aspects that you think you have to improve if you want to communicate more effectively. For example, “I find it hard to connect with others”, “I am very shy”, “I don’t know how to express myself properly”, etc.
  • Write three threats you perceive if you don’t learn to communicate better. In short, three consequences that can have an infectious or no communication. For example; “Losing or not finding a job”, “Having many conflicts”, “Always staying with the word in the mouth”, “Feeling inferior for being afraid to express myself”, etc.
  • Write three opportunities that you perceive by communicating effectively. These are windows that open and, thanks to communication, enable you to achieve your goals. For example, “Get a good job”, “Increase my self-esteem”, “Defend my rights and opinions without offending anyone”, etc.

Once you have completed your SWOT it can be very useful to reflect on the conclusions you have reached; What does your SWOT tell you?