Leading modules


Module 3 “Where am I going?” – Visioning

Unit 1: What is Visioning
Exercises/questions for self-reflection


After you have read all the materials for Module 03 – Unit 01, answer the following questions:

1. A mission statement needs to be long and very descriptive.

2. The mission of an organization/business reflects the purpose of the organization.

3. Strategy uses the mission statement as a guideline for developing its specific long-term goals.

4. The decision of which actions and steps the organization/business is going to take is not part of the strategic planning.

5. Match the following:

This defines where the organization/business wants to be in the future.

This defines the purpose of the organization/business, its services, its target group

This consists of the definition of long-term goals, the actions to be taken and the allocation of resources for the achievement of these goals

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Exercise for self-reflection 1.

Write down the biggest dream that you have for the success of your organization/enterprise/company you want to create.

Tip: Think about your values, how you want the future to be, what do you want to change, what inspires you

Then, think about how you can connect the mission, vision and strategy of your organization/enterprise/company.

You can use the mind map template as a guide, or simply write down your thoughts.

Video exercise:

Watch this video. Try to distinguish and write down what is the mission and the vision of this enterprise:

Wonderful Garden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eAbwto8Xnk&feature=emb_logo