Leading modules


Module 3 “Where am I going?” – Visioning

Unit 4:  Strategic planning & visioning
Exercises/questions for self-reflection

Questions for self-reflection 1:

Try to do the capabilities assessment. Reflect on:

  • Your own skills and competences
  • Skills and competences of relevant people (people that want to support you, partners or employees, etc)
  • Existing equipment and technologies
  • Relationships with local community, clients/beneficiaries

Questions for self-reflection 2:

  • Remind yourself of what were discussed in the previous units of this module.
  • Imaging your organization/business and reflect on the following questions:
  • What does your organization/business look like?
  • What are the characteristics of your location? What opportunities for impact does it bring?
  • What is the environment/atmosphere within your organization/business?
  • What are the skills, competences, and areas of expertise of those working with you?
  • What is the group dynamic within your organization/business?
  • Who are your clients or target groups?
  • Are the activities you want to do high impact & high growth?
  • How can these capabilities be used in the optimum way?
  • What is the best way to use already existing resources?


This exercise will help you better understand the process of developing SMART GOALS.

Step 1. Write down one of your goals (for your organization/business or even personal)

Step 2. S – ask yourself… is this Specific?

What exactly do I want to do? Who will be involved? Why is this important

Step 3. M – ask yourself… is this Measurable?

How can I measure the achievement of this goal? What criteria can I use?

Step 4. A – ask yourself… is this Achievable?

We all like to dream, but do I have the skills, equipment, support, etc that I need in order to achieve this goal? If not, can I find them?

Step 5. R – ask yourself… is this Relevant?

Why do I want to achieve this? Does this align with my mission/vision?

Step 6. T – ask yourself… how much Time do I need for this?

Can I set a realistic deadline for it?

Now, rethink and rewrite your initial goal as a smart goal!

Find some SMART Goal examples here: https://www.thebalancesmb.com/smart-goal-examples-2951827