Leading modules


Module 3 “Where am I going?” – Visioning

Unit 3: Sustainability of values
Exercises/questions for self-reflection

Exercise 1.

Watch again this video:

Green Revolucia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=3wL_nmXVEDw&feature=emb_logo

Answer the following questions:

What are the core values of this enterprise?

How can they communicate effectively these values inside and outside the enterprise?

Which questions could they ask during a values-based recruitment interview process, in order to make sure that the applicant’s values align with those of the enterprise?

Exercise 2.

Think about your dream and the organization/business you would like to create. Go back and think about its core values, mission and vision.

Now, try to align these values, mission and vision with specific actions and write them down.

Keep it simple.


We strive for the protection of the environment, so we will not use any single-use plastics in our activities.

We believe in social inclusion. Therefore, our services are open and accessible to all.

We believe in teamwork and respect. So, we encourage participation and sharing of opinions in the work-place.