Leading modules


Module 2 “Am I a leader?” – Leadership skills

Unit 1: What is leadership?

I. Watch the video about BG Jobs in the Get inspired section of our website, here: https://youtu.be/YRZDOrnzvMo . Pay attention to what Lili Schroot-Nedeva has to say and answer the following questions:

1. What was her motivation for establishing the agency?

2. In what year did they start BG JOBs?

3. What is the most important for a social entrepreneur in Lili’s opinion?

II. Drag and drop:
Look at the characteristics below and place them in the right columns:



Drag from below
Provide development opportunities
Check task completion
Create a ‘culture’
Use analytical data to support recommendations
Ensuring predictability
Motivating staff
Co-ordinate resources
Monitoring progress
Be a good role model
Appeal to rational thinking
Look ‘over the horizon’
Plan and prioritise steps to task achievement
Build teams
Provide feedback on performance
Guide progress
Act as interface between team and outside
Explain goals, plan and roles
Co-ordinate effort
Monitor budgets, tasks etc
Inspiring people
Provide focus
Follow systems and procedures
Appeal to peoples’ emotions
Sharing a vision
Monitor feelings and morale
Create a positive team feeling
Scheduling work
Delegating tasks
Ensure effective induction
Unleashing potential
Evaluate progress
Take risks
Use analytical data to forecast trends
Give orders and instructions