Leading modules


Module 2 “Am I a leader?” – Leadership skills

Am I a leader?

As a start-up owner or entrepreneur who is starting her own business you should be aware of how you can most effectively lead your team or what you should pay attention to in order to achieve the results you are looking for with your newly established business. Within this module, we will be looking in more detail into what leadership is, a few leadership styles you can choose from, what does it mean to be proactive as a leader and we will be also analyzing the importance of empathetic behavior in leadership.

Am I a leader

So, are you ready for the leadership adventure?

Follow the steps within this module and you can not only become more effective in establishing relationships with your team, but you can also get an overview on what you should improve.

No matter if you are the leader of a company, a department, a team, or just yourself, it is essential to have the skills to motivate, inspire and move people to action.

In addition to that, you should remember, that as in any situation of live, you should be thinking about laughter which can help you through difficult situations. You might be thinking what does laughter to do with leadership? Well…Laughter helps you to cope with stress, conflicts and pain. That’s why a leader should have a good sense of humour. Nothing works faster to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh. Feel free and when you hit a stumbling block, remember, that if you can have a good laugh at yourself, that’s best, and will move you forward after a thorough analysis of the situation. 🙂