Leading modules


Module 1 “Who am I?” – Personal development

Unit 3: How to manage My Personal Development?
Developing My Personal Vision – developing, refining, setting personal goals

A personal vision statement is a brief summary of your ultimate career goal and key attributes. You may also see such statements referred to as “career mission statements” or “career vision statements.”

The vision statement should typically communicate your goal in 30 to 40 words. That goal could be anything from becoming a top engineer to becoming the first female CEO of a particular company. Developing a clear career statement can help establish a path toward a final goal that helps you navigate career challenges, changes in the job market and professional success.

It is important to outline your career aspirations and talents. This series of steps can guide you through the writing process:

  • Identify your strengths
  • Reflect on your values
  • Evaluate how your skills can solve real-world issues
  • Select your desired position within your field
  • Write out your mission statement