Leading modules


Module 1 “Who am I?” – Personal development

Unit 2: How to investigate My personality?
Bio-structural Analysis

The STRUCTOGRAM gives you a visual result of the biostructural analysis, showing the genetically determined basic structure of a personality.

This is not a mere personality test. STRUCTOGRAM gives you feasible, goal-oriented training modules designed to grow your own self-awareness as well as awareness of the basic human nature of those around you. The instrument does not just teach you how to gain this knowledge, but also how to apply it.

Essential human personality traits depend on the way each individual’s brain works.

The renowned American brain researcher Paul D. MacLean has shown that the human brain consists of three areas, each fulfilling different functions (functional structure of the brain). These three brains must work and communicate together as a “triune brain”. Each brain, however, still retains its very own specific rules of the game. Human behavior arises from the interaction of the three: the intuitive-instinctive brainstem, the emotive-impulsive limbic system and the rational-cool neocortex.