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Module 1 “Who am I?” – Personal development

BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO MODULE 1 – Who am I (Personal Development)?

Anyone has the ability to know themselves and to appreciate what they have learned through self-knowledge. Self-esteem is the way we treat ourselves. It reveals how much we accept and like each other. Self-esteem is the general idea of every person that they are valuable as a person, it is an expression of initial self-confidence, acceptance, and self-respect. Self-esteem is defined as the ratio between our achievements and claims. If the claims are greater than the achievements, the self-esteem is low. The person does not like themselves and does not feel good as they are. Low self-esteem is the result of too high expectations of themselves. If the achievements are greater than the claims, the self-esteem is high. Such a person likes themself but is often overestimated. They tend to exaggerate their positive qualities and downplay their shortcomings. We usually say that such people have too much self-confidence.

module1When a person’s claims and achievements are balanced, self-esteem is realistic, ie. meets its actual qualities and capabilities at the moment and at the same time creates opportunities for development and improvement. Such people know and accept both their strengths and their weaknesses and mistakes. They know how to make decisions, take responsibility, accept the consequences of their actions and learn from their mistakes.
All this is especially important for anyone who has decided to be an entrepreneur and start their own business.
In this module you will understand that each person has a certain idea of himself and has the ability to self-assess. And realistic self-esteem is a prerequisite for our personal development.

The exercises in the module are aimed at knowing and understanding the individual elements of the human personality, at exploring our own personality with different tools, as well as at the opportunities for personal development and improvement.