About the project

What we aim at?

‘Girls lead’ project aims at providing innovative and flexible ways for young women to get involved in entrepreneurial and social learning, enabling them to act as a force for change in their local communities and in wider society, and thus to overcome deprivation, inequality, educational disadvantage and social exclusion.
The project addresses young women with the aim to contribute to cultivate and enhance youth social thinking and confidence, to developing their leadership attitude and deep community connections, and to reduce the opportunity gap for disadvantaged youth. It raises awareness of needs of changing girls’ attitudes towards leadership and entrepreneurial thinking and learning by showing clear pathways to excellence while applying “confidence-building” measure and effective methodology for youth work in the field.

What are we doing?

‘Girls lead’ activities include:

  • Promoting the Impact stories of female social entrepreneurs;
  • Developing curriculum for Girls’ Leadership Support training program;
  • Developing Girls’ Leadership Support Training kit with digital materials;
  • Creating and piloting “Motivation hub for girls” as a model for sharing social skills andentrepreneurial ideas;
  • Creating and reinforcing an online platform for young women’s interaction, communication and meaningful information about opportunities with social entrepreneurship and tools for generation of entrepreneurial idea with social impact.

Who can benefit?

The project core target groups are:

  • Girls and young women, who are in one of the following disadvantaged situations: unemployed, with lower level of education, or currently not attending any vocational, higher or continuing education;
  • Young women willing to run own businesses;
  • Youth workers and local/regional youth training organisations.